SLC Jazz Fest

The Kevin Stout/ Brian Booth “5” at the Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival was on fire! The rhythm section of Jay Lawrance, drums, Dan Waldis, piano and Matt Larson, bass, was on top of every nuance, and Brian Booth was in the zone. I made a few mistakes, however, but my sister Laurie was in the audience, so I was extra nervous. Was I nervous at Three Rivers Stadium, singing in front of 60,000 fans? No. How about performing live on the Charles Grodin show? Maybe a little. But when I know there is a family member in the audience, I’m a basket case. Good thing there was only one!

Jazzed5 Records was on top of everything, also. I heard the “Color Country” sales were brisk, as well as our previous releases. Our special is still good, too. Buy all three of our older disks for $20.00 plus shipping, or purchase all four for $35.00 plus shipping.

It’s a good deal because unlike other artists, our cd’s have $20.00 worth of music on them. So, if you purchase all four, you save $45.00! Why buy one when you can have two at twice the price?

Thanks for all of your support. We want to continue to bring sophisticated and original Jazz for our loyal fans. Your music purchase allows us to do just that. ¬°Muchas gracias!
Kevin Stout

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